An Introduction to Modern Houses and Their Architects

Author: Didier Cornille

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

Age Range: 10 - 13 years

Size: 26,5 x 18,5 x 1,4 cms

Pages: 84

Illustrations: Color

Cover: Hardcover

Publication date: September 2014

ISBN: English 9781616892630


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1924 - The Schröder House: Everything is Moveable - Gerrit Rietveld

1931 - Villa Savoye: A Truly Modern Home - Le Corbusier

1939 - Fallingwater: A House in the Wilderness - Frank Lloyd Wright

1949 - The Eames House: Multicolored an Full of Inventions - Charles & Ray Eames

1951 - The Farnsworth House: A Minimalist House - Mies van der Rohe

1956 - The House for Better Days: A Home for Everyone - Jean Prouvé

1978 - Gehry Residence: Small Becomes Large - Frank Gehry

1995 - The Cardboard House: An Ordinary Material Used in an Extraordinary Way - Shigeru Ban

1998 - The Bordeaux House: An Elevator as the Main Room - Rem Koolhaas

2002 - The Straw House: A Green House - Sarah Wigglesworth & Jeremy Till

Who Built That? Modern Houses takes readers on a fun-filled tour through ten of the most important houses by the greatest architects of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Beginning with a brief biographical sketch of each architect, illustrator Didier Cornille uses a light touch to depict the various stages of construction, paying special attention to key design innovations and signature details. Cornille's charming drawings and accessible text unlock the secrets of modern classic houses, ranging from Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye (1931) and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater (1939) to Shigeru Ban's Cardboard House (1995) and Rem Koolhaas's Bordeaux House (1998). Readers of all ages will delight in this colorful introduction to modern architecture's most extraordinary homes.

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