Author: Maura Lucking & François Perrin

Publisher: SPA

Size: 26 x 27 x 1,8 cms

Pages: 204

Illustrations: Color

Cover: Hardcover

Publication date: July 2015

ISBN: English 9780988763463

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"What is the ultimate place in which I would like to show my work?  As I was searching for the answer to that question, I started thinking about a series of atypical shows in major architectural places from the last century. This echoes the celebration of contemporary architects, of whom I created the statues for my personal exhibition in Versailles, in September 2009. Rather than the individuals, it is now with their work that I want to interact, creating specific situations for each construction." - Xavier Veilhan, Paris, 2011.

With Architectones (2012-2014) Xavier Veilhan returned to his favorite non-traditional exhibition format – installations and site-specific works in architecturally significant spaces. He took on the specters of modernism, altering the buildings through sculpture, music, light and the interaction between site and guests. 

The project titled Architectones after Kazimir Malevich’s three-dimensional models, encompasses two years of artistic interventions in seven beacons of modern architecture worldwide: the VDL Research House, Case Study House No.21 and Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles, the Cité Radieuse – MAMO in Marseille, the Saint Bernadette du Banlay church in Nevers, the Melnikov House in Moscow and the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona. 

The eponymous book reunites the images, accounts and interviews of this adventure. 

Essays by Jean-Louis Cohen, Ingrid Luquet-Gad and Jan Tumlir.

Xavier Veilhan. Architectones Barcelona Pavilion

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