A field guide to surviving the future of architecture

Author: George Kafka, Sophie Lovell and Fiona Shipwright (editors)

Publisher: &beyond

Size: 17 x 23 x 1,6 cms

Pages: 214

Illustrations: Color

Cover: Softcover with flaps

Publication date: October 2018

ISBN: English 9788494938818


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We live in challenging times. There is overwhelming evidence that massive change is required in order to survive impending environmental collapse. Yet this fifth volume in the Archifutures series takes the position that the “apocalypse” is not an imminent event, but an insidious process that is already happening. Communities everywhere are facing it on a day-to-day basis.

Many are already resisting and adapting. Despite the implied drama of the word “apocalypse”, the reality is actually far more mundane: surviving it is not about building bunkers, it is about building resilience – everywhere and in all kinds of ways.

Contributors include: Bora Baboci, Maite Borjabad, Tomasz Broma, Trajna Collective, DOMA, Matthew Dalziel, Stefan Gruber, Tinatin Gurgenidze, Jason Hilgefort, Srecko Horvat, METASITU, Anh-Linh Ngo, Phi, Martin Pohl, RESOLVE, Skrei, Anastassia Smirnova, Space Transcribers, Maria Smith, TAB Collective, Tania Tovar Torres, Stephan Trüby and the Unfolding Pavilion.

Design: Diana Portela

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