Author: Le Corbusier

Publisher: Birkhäuser

Size: 14,5 x 14,5 x 4 cms

Pages: 580 in 2 volumes

Illustrations: Black & White, 298 Figures

Cover: Softcover with cardboard box

Publication date: February 2000


English 9783764361884

French 9783764361877


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In the years 1942 to 1948, Le Corbusier developed a system of measurements which became known as "Modulor". Based on the Golden Section and Fibonacci numbers and also using the physical dimensions of the average human, Modulor is a sequence of measurements which Le Corbusier used to achieve harmony in his architectural compositions. Le Modulor was published in 1950 and after meeting with success, Le Corbusier went on to publish Modulor 2 in 1955. In many of Le Corbusier s most notable buildings, including the Chapel at Ronchamp and the Unité d habitation, evidence of his Modulor system can be seen. These two volumes form an important and integral part of Le Corbusier’s theoretical writings.

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