Author: Moisés Puente

Publisher: Caniche Editorial

Size: 13,8 x 21 x 1,5 cms

Pages: 176

Ilustrations: B&W

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 2020

ISBN: Spanish 9788412036855


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Moisés Puente —architect, curator, essayist, translator— is responsible for some of the best architecture collections published today. He too, a silent observer who attends many of the events, forums and conferences that bring the sector together. "Theatrical and impatient, in these encounters the haste and speculative publicity about oneself rules over the exposition of ideas." Self-promotion acts oversaturated with gimmicky images in which the absence of debate is evident and striking. "Where is the critical space?" The texts gathered here arise as a reaction to being fed up by a chatter that the dictionary defines as "frivolous conversation", "abundance of useless words", "trinkets, trinkets".

In these pages, the author opens up avenues of discussion based on the analysis of established landmarks and contextualizing new values of contemporary architecture: the successes and contradictions of Mies van der Rohe and Alejandro de la Sota, the tragic gravity of Gordon Matta- Clark or the revolutionary ambition of Konstantín Melnikov; the masquerade that Smilian Radić has built in Vilches, a brand-new shoe store by Paco Alonso, the construction of an oeuvre by Arquitectura-G or the Palladian house by Valerio Olgiati share space with the diatribes of Aldo Rossi or the analysis of Reyner Banham to the city of Los Angeles. An overview of projects and figures gives shape to this anti-chatter that aims to invite the public exercise of dialogue.

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