Author: Arne Maibohm (Editor)

Publisher: Jovis

Size: 23 x 30 x 2 cms

Pages: 320

Ilustrations: Color & B&W

Cover: Softcover with dust jacket

Publication date: 2022

ISBN: English 9783868596885


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The Neue Nationalgalerie on the Berlin Kulturforum is an architectural icon as well as the crowning conclusion of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s life work. An outstandingly successful and sensitive refurbishment and modernization project was carried out for the building’s most significant overhaul since its opening in 1968. It complies with the requirements of a contemporary museum exhibition facility, as well as monument-preservation guidelines. David Chipperfield Architects developed the renovation concept under the motto of "As much Mies as possible."

This publication provides deep insight into the planning, execution, monument preservation and restoration from the perspective of those involved. The exemplary handling of the historical fabric is presented in design documents and numerous large-format photographs that impressively illustrate the design stage, the construction site and the results of the refurbishment.

With articles by David Chipperfield, Bernhard Furrer, Gunny Harboe, Joachim Jäger, Dirk Lohan, Fritz Neumeyer, Alexander Schwarz, Gerrit Wegener, and some 30 project managers.

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