Author: Carmen Espegel

Publisher: Diseño Editorial

Size: 14,5 x 20,5 x 1,5 cms

Pages: 270

Illustrations: B&W

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 2016

ISBN: Spanish 9789874000293


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This book has been written so that future generations build the 21st century with more dignity.

Remembering the past in order to improve the future has been one of the objectives of these reflections, but also to criticize criticism itself, in order to recover from the previous good architecture, designed or not by women, that which is excellent even for future works. aspiring, with all this, to discover the eternal invariants of great architecture.

The exceptional pioneers who have distinguished themselves here, on the basis of a personal choice related to certain affinities and harmony, have shown with their lives and, especially with their works, a high dose of courage, creativity, excellence and coherence. The assumption of commitments and risks at the same time has given them a status of Homeric heroines, brave and extraordinary, which perhaps they never pursued. His choices were made in accordance with intense ethical principles that should serve as a stimulus to future heirs. His proven wisdom when it comes to initiating new visions of space will help us look and observe the world with a more generous perspective, where the feminine or the masculine are not exclusive.

The works of these architects, sufficiently valuable, comprehensive, programmatic, complex, little known and fortunately not mythologized, with their multiple meanings crystallized in one sense, and their multiple meanings crystallized in some truth, are, in turn, the internal reason and essential to the quality project. This is his drama, his poetry and his greatness.

Carmen Espegel (b.1960) is a Spanish PhD Architect and Full Professor in the Design Department of the School of Architecture of Madrid at ETSAM-Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, and has lectured in the USA, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. Her research focuses on Women in Architecture and Housing. She leads the "Grupo de Investigación en Vivienda Colectiva" (GIVCO), a research group on collective housing; directs and teaches the Projects Design Module "Housing Projects" within the Master of Collective Housing (MCH) in Madrid; participates with Doctoral Dissertations on Housing in the School of Architecture of Porto, Portugal; and lectures Master Courses for the Master in Housing (MH) at the University Roma Tre, Italy.

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