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Publisher: docomomo Ibérico

Size: 21 x 29,5 x 1,6 cms

Pages: 248

Illustrations: B&W

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 2004

ISBN: Spanish / Portuguese 8460929973


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Presentation, Carlos Guimarães

Architecture for tourism: the first modernity and leisure spaces

Introduction, José Antonio Sosa Díaz-Saavedra - In the origins of modern tourism. Architecture for leisure in transit to mass society, Víctor Pérez Escolano - Order holidays, design rest. The Ciutat de Repós i de Vacances of the GATCPAC on the Barcelona coast (1931-1936). Other climates, others dreams, Josep M. Rovira - GATCPAC: Houses for weekend, between tradition and machine, Oscar Miguel Ares - The beaches of Jarama, GATCPAC project, Grupo Centro, Carlos Sambricio - Gran Turismo. On German architects, Mediterranean imagery and the dialectic of "the modern", Joaquín Medina Wamburg - Roads, tourism and modern architecture: the motorist hostels of the National Tourism Board (1928-1936), Salvador Guerrero López - Carlos Arniches and Martín Domínguez: architecture for tourism, Concepción Díez-Pastor


Introduction, Nuno Portas - Modern movement, international style or, simply, architecture ?, Helio Piñón - Pousadas de Portugal: a modern project, Susana Lobo - Balearic Islands: architecture for tourism (1925-1965), Luis Corral Juan, Gabriela Kacelnik , Antonio Ramis Ramos - The waves flood the salt house, Ramón Pico - Personal Idylls, Julio Garnica González-Bárcena - The resources of modern urbanism in front of an urban reality The first generation of vacation resorts by the sea, Carmen Blasco Sánchez - Excerpts from the round table

Architecture for tourism: the colonization of the territory

Introduction, Carmen Jordá - Tourism, architecture and urban planning: historical and cultural contexts of their relationship, Fernando de Terán - Evolution of routines in the use of space; the different tourist typologies, José Miguel Iribas - Conceição Silva, creator of an architecture and a modern landscape for tourism in Portugal, José Manuel Fernandes - Schindler in Mallorca, Juan Antonio Cortés - An approach to four implantation models for the city of tourism of masses in the Canary Islands, Francisco José Triviño Barreto - Facing the ocean. Portuguese architecture in Atlantic hotels of the fifties and sixties, Rogério de Azevedo, Madalena Cunha Matos - The tourist work of Jordi Adroer Iglesias on the Catalan coast, Sergi Serra Casals, Marta Adroer Puig - Meditarranée Club vacation village: intervention in the landscape of Cap de Creus in the sixties, Silvia Musquera i Felip

Architecture for tourism: the landscape and its transformation

Four questions about mass tourism and the Modern Movement, Ricard Pié Ninot - The modern picturesque, Iñaki Ábalos - International style, tourism and transformation of the territory or the "black clouds" prophesied by Keil del Amaral, Ana Tostões - 1961. The contest Elviria. The demand for architectural culture, Ricardo Sánchez Lampreave - Some interventions on the Mediterranean coast of Alicante: three proposals, three ideologies, three attitudes, Pablo Martí Ciriquián, Justo Oliva Meyer - Landscape, city and tourist architecture of the Mediterranean, 1923-1973 (or the consummation of the "linear city" of the Valencian coast), Andrés Martínez Medina - Excerpts from the round table

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