Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye sculpture

by Modernité Noire

Material: Cast iron

Size: 10,2 x 9,1 x 4,6 cms

Scale: 1:234

Weight: 1,61 kg

Packaging: Foam core box 18,5 x 8,5 x 6,2 cms

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"Architects, through their arrangements of form, produce an order which is a pure creation of their spirit; through their forms, they deeply affect our senses producing visual emotions; through the connections they conceive, they awaken in us profound echoes giving us an order whereby we feel at one with the world, stirring our hearts and minds; and this is when we experience the sense of beauty."

Le Corbusier, Vers une Architecture, 1923.

Modernité Noire provides a collection of half-crafted sculptures based on Le Corbusier's designs from the 1920s. Cast in iron, the collection consists of a limited series of the architect's most emblematic villas from this Purist period.

Perhaps the time has come for a review of Modernity. The bright white light the Modern project released onto the somber past might have neglected otherness. Through Modernité Noire, the ethnocentric drive meets primitivism, a place from which rationalist architecture can be examined as a ruin.

This sculpture interprets Le Corbusier's famous Villa Savoye, built in Poissy, France (1928-29). It has been crafted using a metal casting process whereby molten grey cast iron is poured into a 4-piece cold-box mould. The rust patina is sealed in a coat of natural wax. This collection is brought to you with the kind permission of the Foundation Le Corbussier.

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