Construction game inspired by the Alpha architecton by Kazimir Malevich

by BeaMalevich

Material: Wood painted white

Packaging: 25,5 x 6,5 x 6 cms


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The idea is simple: you play to be Malevich while you create your own architecton.

Hand made with white painted wood, its texture is very similar to the plaster Malevich used in his sculptures.

Build your own Architecton

With countless possibilities, this is a humble tribute to Kazimir Melavich. From 1923 to 1929, the artist produced a series of plaster sculptures that he named as architectons. These were compositions representing imaginary buildings. The architectons, in their diverse models made by Malevich, always featured a large rectangular block -wich could be placed horizontaly ir vertically- to wich other smaller blocks were attached. These works can be seen as a three-dimensional application of Suprematism. Somebody once said that an architecton "is only a composition of stereometric figures, a thing of no use, with no longer objective than decorate a room, or to be placed in the middle of a square, suitable enlarged". Create and feel creative with this constructive game. Ideal for art lovers and architects.

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