Construction game


Contents: 40 pieces

Material: Natural pine wood of the Landes

Packaging: Wood box 16,5 x 16,5 x 8,5 cm

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The Kapla is a French construction set consisting of small slats of pine wood, all the same size, without any lace or fixation.

This game adapts to the age of any child from 3 years.

Through the organization of the same piece in the space is sought work aspects of concentration, balance and creation of all types of constructions.

The Kapla is a game that arouses the curiosity of small and big, and adapts to be able to play with family.

The fact that all the pieces are the same converts the game into the opponent; through the imagination of the participants themselves seek to make all kinds of figures. The work and experience of the whole world will be important in order to get to do anything.

Recommended from 3 years.

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