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Third International Docomomo Conference, Barcelona, September 16th – 19th, 1994

Publisher: docomomo Ibérico, docomomo Internacional

Size: 21 x 29,5 x 1,2 cms

Pages: 200

Illustrations: B&W

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 1996

Language: English


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Preface by Lluís Hortet, Director, Fundació Mies van der Rohe, Secretary Iberian Docomomo

Introduction by Humbert-Jan Henket, Chairman Docomomo International

Opening: Opening Address by Humbert-Jan Henket — Presentation of the Third Docomomo Conference by Carles Martí

Keynote Lectures: Artistic Autonomy or Functional Determinism: The Dilemma of Form in Modern Architecture by Juan Antonio Cortés — Megaform and Landform as a Remedial Strategy by Kenneth Frampton — The Art of Building Cities by Antonio Monestiroli — The Selective Inventory of Modern Movement Works: Monuments vs. Ordinary Architecture by Gérard Monnier — The Division of Functions in the Modern City: The Debate Between CIAM and Team Ten by Dennis Sharp — The Problem and Myth of Technology in Modern Movement Architecture by Ignasi de Solà-Morales — The Critical Restoration of Modern Architecture by Bruno Reichlin

Registers: Modern Slovenian Architecture and the Conservation of Monuments by Stane Bernik, Jelka Pirkovic & Gojko Zupan — A Possible Selection of Criteria for Safeguarding the 20th Century Built Heritage by Gilles Barbey & Michel Clivaz — The Modern Movement in Leningrad: Problems of the Register by Boris Kirikov & Maria Makogonova — Chronological and Stylistic Criteria for the Modern Movement Register by Janis Krastins — The Development of the Modern Movement in Slovakia and its Chronological Relationships by Klara Kubickova — The Architecture of Modernity in Québec: Modern Movement or International Style? by France Vanlaethem — The Modern Movement in the City of Salvador by Angela West Pedrao & Anna Beatriz Galvão — Noticing the Ordinary: An Archaeology of Building Provision by David Whitham

Technology: Specific Technologies for the Maintenance of Modern Movement Architecture by Pier Giovanni Bardelli, Angelica Frisa Morandini, Antonietta Cerrato, Caterina Mele & Carlo Ostorero — The Restoration of Two Buildings of Ernst Neufert in Jena by Christine Engelmann — Industrial Thought on Technique as Seen Through the Works of Jean Prouvé by Susanna Ferrini — The Ferro-Cemento Experimental Storehouse by Pier Luigi Nervi by Claudio Greco — The Hanken Building-Swedish School of Economics and Business: Restoration Principles by Juha Lemström — Renovation Problems of the Hans Scharoun Building on the WUWA Housing Estate by Jadwiga Urbanik

Architectural History: The Sixth Plane and Illumination by Susan Bower — The Paradox of the Modern Movement: Fifty Years of Reconstruction and Conservation in the Netherlands by Robert Docter & Peter van Dun — Aviation Architecture and its Message of Modernity by Marieke Kuipers — Hygiene, Technology and Economy: The 1930s Architecture of the Finnish Defence Forces by Anne Mäkinen

Education: The Restoration Project for the Domehouse of Zonnestraal by Aimée de Back — Learning Technology in Perspective Through Transcription by Daniel Bernstein — Importance of the Modern Movement in the Training of New Architects by Mabel Scarone — The Danger of History for Architects by Dietrich W. Schmidt — Typological Approach to Modern Architecture by Giuseppe Strappa — Modern Movement Design Projects and Realizations in the Training of Young Architects by Krystyna Styrna Bartkowicz & Maria J. Zychowska

Iberian Modern Movement Architecture: The Battle for ‘A Mexicana’ or Long Live ‘A Mexicana’ by José Manuel Fernandes — Differential Traits of Galician Rationalism: Tradition and Modernity by Fernando Agrasar Quiroga — The Conservation of the Barcelona Pavilion by Isabel Bachs — The Recuperation of a Master Work of Catalan Modernity: The Central Dispensary for Tuberculosis Treatment by Mario Corea — Focal Points and Multiple Poles by José A. Sosa Díaz-Saavedra & María Luisa González García — The Modern Movement in the Canary Islands: Urban Renewal, Architecture and Criticism by María Isabel Navarro Segura — The Restoration of the Casa Bloc by Jaume Sanmarti

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