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Author: Susana Landrove (Editor)

Publisher: docomomo Ibérico

Size: 21 x 29,5 x 1,8 cms

Pages: 236

Illustrations: B&W

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 2000

ISBN: Spanish / Portuguese 8492049510


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The industry and its contribution to modern architecture

Introduction by Antonio Pizza - 'Les ingénieurs americais'; Frederick W. Taylor, Albert Kahn and the ascension of 'Moderner Industriebaukunst' by Federico Bucci, Politecnico de Milano - Reinforced concrete industry in the genesis of Portuguese modern architecture by António Maria Santos, Associação Portuguesa de Arqueologia Industrial — The footprint of Constructivism in Spanish industrial architecture by Fernando Agrasar Quiroga, ETSA A Coruña - Industrial issues in modern Dutch architecture by Rafael García García, ETSA Madrid - Industrial architecture: bonnet and bodywork by José Antonio Sosa and Maria Luisa González, ETSA Las Palmas - Contribution of the industrial architecture to modern architecture in Guipúzcoa: the work of Luis Tolosa, Luis Astiazarán and Florencio Morocoa by María Jesús Zaldúa Goena, Arrasate-Aretxabaleta BHI

Industry and city

Introduction by Manuel Mendes — A temple for machines: the turbine ship of the AEG, by Peter Behrens by Tilmann Buddensieg, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin — Sixty-five years totaling two centuries (1900-1965). The industrial architecture in the construction of the city by Julián Sobrino, ETSA Sevilla — Seat for all by Juan José Lahuerta, ETSA Barcelona — The Myrurgia factory: a promise of happiness by Marisa García Vergara, ETSA Barcelona - The industrial work of Rafael de La Hoz in Córdoba: the beer factory El Águila by Francisco Daroca Bruño, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando — Factory and architecture in Barcelona: between the mimetic and the mastodontic (1950-1965) by Martín Checa Artasu, UA Barcelona — Eastern dock, harbor of A Coruña: an example of creation and destruction by Xosé Allegue, Xoan Mosquera y Luis Muñoz ETSA A Coruña

Industry and territory

Introduction by Celestino García Braña — Industry and territory in a metropolis in estuary: Bilbao by Eduardo Leira, I3 Consultores - The architecture of the Portuguese hydroelectric plants in the International Douro - Picote by Domingos Tavares, Facultade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto — Architecture and landscapes of electricity in Italy by Rosario Pavia, Facoltà di Architettura, Universitá G. D'Annunzio - The industrial town of the Fontao mines by Xosé Lois Martínez Suárez, ETSA A Coruña - Turón, historical heritage of Spanish mining. An integrated project for the development of the Turón Valley by María Fernanda Fernández Gutiérrez, Facultad de Geografia e Historia de la Universidad de Oviedo; Fermín Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Facultad de Geografia e Historia de la Universidad de Oviedo; Manuel Carrero de Roa, Ayuntamiento de Gijón — The architecture of the hydroelectric uses in Galicia by José Ramón Alonso Pereira, ETSA A Coruña - The archaeological and architectural set of the San Pedro da Cova mines, in Gondomar: brief characterization, value and problem by José Manuel Fernandes, Facultade de Arquitectura de Lisboa — The hydroelectric power stations in the Vall Fosca (1913-1940): architectural pragmatism, evolution and integration in the landscape by Antoni Vilanova Omedas, Col·legi Oficial d'Arquitectes de Catalunya

Industrial heritage and its reuse

Introduction by Carlos García Vázquez — Production in series, territory, community: Ivrea and Adriano Olivetti (1934-1960) by Patrizia Bonifazio, Facoltà di Architettura, Politecnico di Milano - The extraordinary landscapes after the era of industry by Peter Latz, Technische Universiät Munchën - Reuse of industrial heritage in Palencia by Alberto Combarros Aguad, ETSA Valladolid - Industry, landscape architecture: the gold mines of Rodalquilar by Santiago Quesada García, ETSA Sevilla - Analytical-graphic recovery of the industrial architecture of Madrid at the beginning of the century by Encarnación Casas Ramos, Carlos Aguilar Oliván, ETSA Madrid - The Hispano: attempts to recover the facilities of Hispano-Suiza in Guadalajara by José Antonio Hercé Inés, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Castilla - La Mancha

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