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Author: Susana Landrove (Editor)

Publisher: docomomo Ibérico

Size: 21 x 29,5 x 1,7 cms

Pages: 232

Illustrations: B&W

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 2002

ISBN: Spanish / Portuguese 8492049537


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Alberto Combarros, Iberian Docomomo President — Carlos Guimarães, Iberian Docomomo Vice president

Culture and disclosure

Introduction: Culture and disclosure by Manuel Graça Dias — In the direction of a New Monumentality: cultural facilities and the affirmation of a culture of the Modern Movement by Ana Tostões — The risks of modernity: Contribution to the study of architecture as an instituting praxis of the Modern world by Matheus Gorovitz — Modern architecture and State reason: the strange case of the University City of Barcelona by Paolo Sustersic — Modern schools: Konrad Wachsmann in Granada by Joaquín Medina Warmburg — Two moments in the school architecture of the Canary Islands by Manuel Jesús Martín Hernández — Modern schools in Oporto: the ambiguity of the functionalist criterion by Luis Tavares Pereira — The institutionalized "modernity": from the architecture of the Board of Extension of Studies to that of the Superior Council of Scientific Research by Eva Rodríguez Romero — Júlio Henriques, D. João III, José Falcão Lyceum. Some considerations about the modern school by Gonçalo Canto Moniz — The municipal elementary schools of Seville by Rosa María Añón Abajas

Culture and leisure

Introduction: Culture and leisure by Manuel Graça Dias — Fragments of a modern discourse by João Vieira Caldas — Equipment and infrastructure in the former "overseas territories", the case of Angola (1925-1965) by José Manuel Fernandes — The ideological struggle and the mythification of importance by José Manuel Salgado Fonseca — Cinema Batalha 1944-1947, Artur de Andrade (1913) by José Fernando Gonçalves

Culture and city

Introduction: Modern city and culture by Víctor Pérez Escolano — 1925-1965: urban diversity of cultural buildings in the Iberian area by Antón Capitel — Lay cathedrals. Political populism, urban modernity and cultural equipment in South America: 1940-1960 by Roberto Fernández — Break, continuity and memory in the city under transformation by Manuel Botelho — The Colina de los Chopos. Madrilenian rationalism and British influence by José Ramón Alonso Pereira — From Luis Lacasa to Alejandro de la Sota: the interpretation of the garden city model and the problem of the residences for students in the University City of Madrid by Restituto Bravo Remis — The books in the garden by Xosé Lois Martínez Suárez, Xoan M. Mosquera Muiños — An Engineering between the Acropolis and the Bauhaus. Project strategies and plan followed at the Higher Technical Institute by Madalena Cunha Matos

Contemporary reconversions and cultural facilities

Introduction: Contemporary reconversions and cultural facilities by Alexandre Alves Costa — Revitalization of modern architecture: fragility and functional precision by Josep Maria Montaner — The buildings and the variability of their functions: An architectural challenge by Bert van Meggelen — Conversion of the Inn of Picote in the Center of Congresses and Museum by Fátima Fernandes, Michelle Cannatà — By their works you will know them... by Santiago Quesada

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